Employment information

TAEHEUNG has grown with considerations for nature and the humanity,
We are looking for new talents to advance to the world.


Flexible employment opportunities depending on the company situation through offline public recruitment and all-time online job application.

Employment procedure

  • STEP.01

    Job application
  • STEP.02

  • STEP.03

    Job interview
  • STEP.04

    Executive interview
  • STEP.05

    Final acceptance

Job posting

TAEHEUNG website, worknet (, classified, etc.

Job application

Submit your resume and cover letter (in person or email)


Candidates will be screened by the applying department; successful candidates will be contacted individually.

Job interview

- First interview : job skills and character will be reviewed by the working staff
- Second interview: successful candidates from the first interview will be interviewed by the CEO

Final acceptance

※ Employment procedure may change due to the internal circumstances.

※ Additional documents may be submitted upon acceptance.

Hiring times

Depending on the company's recruitment plan (TBA)

How to apply

Email, fax, mail

※ Recruitment manager: 054-383-3753~4
※ Email :